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Approve NYC Congestion Pricing Now

Dear President Biden:

With your climate agenda blocked in Congress, U.S. cities and states need to step up. New York did so, passing congestion pricing in 2019.

But Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stands in the way. His agency is making NY transit officials answer endless questions to prove what we already know: congestion pricing is good for the city’s health, safety, families, economy and climate.

Mr. President, make Secretary Buttigieg stop. Tell him to APPROVE CONGESTION PRICING NOW.

Email Pete Buttigieg at [email protected].

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Approve NYC Congestion Pricing Now

Dear Secretary Buttigieg:

You know congestion pricing is New York’s best traffic medicine. Why has your department put it on ice?

Your environmental review should have taken five minutes, tops. Congestion pricing will reduce driving, cut gridlock and emissions, and make biking, walking, buses and trains better and easier. Fewer traffic jams helps drivers too. The benefits will fan out from Manhattan to every street, highway and neighborhood in the region.

You promised a speedy review. But your DOT is hammering us with picayune questions — over 400 to date. The delays are piling up, with no end in sight.

Every day New York doesn’t have congestion pricing costs us millions in lost travel time, not to mention dirtier air and dangerous streets.


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With your climate agenda blocked, cities and states need to step up. NY did so, passing #CongestionPricing in 2019. But @SecretaryPete is blocking it for no good reason. Tell him: approve #CongestionPricing now.

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You promised a speedy review for NYC #congestionpricing. Instead, you’re delaying a plan that local officials legislated 3½ years ago, costing us over $10 million a day in time savings alone. Please stop meddling. Approve #CongestionPricing now.

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